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Gilmore Girls En Route…

Gilmore Girls En Route…

Yes, I have to admit I fell into the line of people watching Gilmore Girls. That line was loooong! 

A couple months ago I realized I hadn’t actually watched every episode – more than three quarters of them I hadn’t seen. Jessie was in high school when the show started airing and Andrew was in elementary school. I had more on my plate and no time to sit in front of the tube. My hands were full of taking care of kids. 

It’s a little easier to watch these days with our laptops, tablets, and smart phones that pick up the series on Netflix with the app. Use a pair of earbuds and no one is the wiser. 

As I sat on the sofa in the evenings for the last few months, while H was glued to the presidential saga, I was actually binge watching Gilmore Girls from start to finish on my phone. I wasn’t going to be the only one not in the know when Netflix aired Gilmore Girls: A Year In The Life, and as long as I nodded a few times and made eye contact often, he had no idea I was actually in Stars Hollow. 

We had a trip planned to Atlanta for Thanksgiving week to see Jessie and Kerri’s families when I realized I had two seasons left to watch – and those seasons were long seasons, with at least twenty-two forty-five minute episodes, in each. I had to finish this process before  Friday, November 25th, at 12:01 am Pacific time, if I wanted to watch with the rest of the world! 

Before we left on our trip, Andrew informed me that I could watch the show on my phone in the car, as long as we were on the interstate, and close to where I could catch a signal. I was skeptical, but he was actually right. There were a few patches of deadness when we were on those curvy Alabama back roads, but I managed to knock out season six and get two-thirds through season seven. I only had to stay up til two in the morning Wednesday night to finish it off. 

No, we didn’t stay up til 12:00 am pacific time on the day after Thanksgiving to tune into theis special of four, ninety minute episodes. I tuned into the show on my phone on the drive home on Friday. After all, I had six hours of riding time to kill and what better way to do it! 

I think Jessie and Kerri may still be watching. I left all their kids back in Atlanta, so they have their hands full…


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