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My New Years resolution list for other people…

My New Years resolution list for other people…

Most people make lists of New Years resolutions whether they intend to keep them or not. The end of the year is drawing near. Have you made your New Years resolution yet? Not the ones where you are going to save the world, feed and clothe all the homeless people, or hit that millionaire status by the end of the year. Realistic ones. The ones you may actually be able to keep.

Do you realize that no matter how many New Years resolutions you make and keep, other people don’t make or keep the ones you wish they would? That’s why I think it would be good for the resolution factor to be reversed. Pick a person – or a few – and make a list.

So stepping out of my comfort zone, this is my 2020 resolution list for other people.

*Spoiler Alert – names may be named.

  1. Andrew – Answer Mom’s texts and communicate better – he has a habit of either not reading or not responding. I don’t know which. I understand he’s a busy guy, but one day he may miss something important.
  2. H – Stop pretending you heard what I said when you didn’t. I don’t mind repeating it to you. Then, in later conversation, you can’t say I didn’t tell you something.
  3. People posting their political views on Facebook – Some people don’t know when enough’s enough. I won’t mention names because my mother always said, “Don’t talk about politics or religion with friends or family.” I just wish their mothers had told them that!
  4. Telemarketers – Robo calls and texts – JUST STOP!

That’s not such a long list, is it? The question is, is it realistic? Do you have any resolutions for other people you’d like to add to my list? Be my guest!

The only problem I foresee in making lists for others is how to delicately make them aware of their solution to my problem. They certainly don’t see these faults as problems of their own or they surely would have fixed them by now.  Do I bluntly hand their already-made list over to them, secretly slip it into their mail, send in a text that may not be read, place it under their coffee cup in the morning, or block some from my Facebook page? I’ve already stopped answering those Robo calls. It’s all I can do.

I’m not really big on making resolutions. Like most people, by the second of January I’ve usually forgotten them. But I must be fair and make a list of my own realistic resolutions if I’m going to dictate to others.

  1. Go to the gym on a regular basis. After all, my membership is free with my new Medicare supplement. I might as well get something out of it. I keep telling myself I’m waiting for January 1, 2020. That’s the magic date!
  2. Take one day at a time. If Andrew doesn’t respond to my texts, H doesn’t hear me, political posts are still posted on Facebook, and Robo calls still come through, life goes on. I’ll just have to deal with it.

Here’s wishing you a Happy New Year!


Realistically Speaking – A List Is Just A List And How Many Goals Do We Really Need Anyway?

Realistically Speaking – A List Is Just A List And How Many Goals Do We Really Need Anyway?

There’s something to be said about your new years resolutions list – or is there?

Everyone makes these lists but do we all keep them? Do you actually read over them every day and check them off as done?

I’m guilty of forgetting they are even there until the next new year rolls around and I think to myself – oh yeah – I was going to do that last year!

So this year…maaaaybe I won’t make any?

I could list a few of these most common New Years resolutions even though a few don’t apply to me.

  1. Loose weight
  2. Improve financial budgeting
  3. Exercise more
  4. Get a new/better job
  5. Eat healthfully
  6. Manage stress more effectively
  7. Quit smoking
  8. Improve a relationship
  9. Stop procrastinating
  10. Set aside time for yourself

OR…I could list these realistic resolutions that are my own. There’s no one to compete with except myself. If I don’t manage to complete one…or two…or three, it will always remain in my list for the next year and who will be the wiser?

  1. Write more so I can finish ‘What Line’ –  My published goal is March. Now remember, I didn’t say March 1st. There are thirty-one days in March and I intend to make use of every last one of them. 🙂
  2. Make my workroom – aka ‘The Philadelphia Room’ – a room I can honestly call my own instead of a storage room – Where all that “stuff” will wind up, I honestly can’t say, but I have visions! That new ceiling fan (yes, I know we’ve had it sitting in the box for a few months) with light will be installed and I’ll be able to actually see. 🙂
  3. Paint all my inside doors and woodwork – My son-in-law, Davey, installed them over a year ago. It’s about time don’t you think?
  4. Finish my kitchen – The over-the-stove microwave is going up as I type! Yay! Then all I have left to do is the tiled back splash. And a new paint color because we have changed our minds again! Oops…H just asked me to make cookies. The oven will be hot so he can’t move it out of the way to install the microwave, so maybe later tonight or tomorrow.  By the time he goes back to work on the 6th for sure though! One more thing in that kitchen is the want – not the need – of a new fridge. I can just picture a sleek, trim, shiny, stainless refrigerator. That vision will be all I see for a while though because we can’t justify spending money on something that works just fine even though it is an ugly white dinosaur! It can’t last forever, can it? One day it WILL be on the curb!
  5. Build my desk in the without-a-door-unused-hall-closet – I do this every day in my mind or in my sleep! One day I hope to wake up and the shelving and desktop complete with pictures hung, shelves filled, and files filed will be completed. If it could only be that easy!  😦

I think this is a realistic goal. There is even a little wiggle room in there to do some little things such as hang pictures, straighten out my files, remove some clutter, and maybe tackle that yard! With no cell phone at the moment I have a lot of time on my hands. Lol!

Gosh!  According to this, I’m going to have a busy year! What are your goals for the new year? Are they as realistic as mine – or not?


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