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It’s  always been there – everywhere we look – and has never been a threat. “IN GOD WE TRUST”

Now it seems a lot of people are getting offended because of this phrase and are threatened by it. 

I’m not one to flaunt my religion or stand up and pronounce my thoughts and prayers. Not because I don’t believe, but because I’m more of a private person. 

I do stand at meetings, sporting events, and gatherings with my head bowed in prayer. I’ve even been known to bow my head in prayer at restaurants. It’s the way I was raised and the way I raised my family. 

Now it seems the popular thing to do is to make a commotion about prayer before school board meetings, at school sporting events, and “In God We Trust” bumper stickers on government and state cars. 

“Take it away or else” is the message being sent out in letters to schools and government officials threatening to take the offense – such as it is – to higher courts if need be. 

Hmmm? Why are people offended when others pray or pronounce their love of God? They have not been asked to pray themselves if not applicable or stand up and profess their love of God. No one I know of judges others because they don’t bow their heads in prayer at these events.  We are too busy praying to notice who doesn’t pray.  We are not glancing around taking notes to send out to the press. 

Just because “In God We Trust” is stenciled on a government vehicle does not mean God-fearing patrons are the only ones taken into consideration when the law is upheld. 

Taking God and prayer out of schools, sporting events, and town meetings will not solve education or government problems. 

So you want just your moment of silence? Ok…that can happen, but then…we will have our moment of prayer. It’s a win-win for everyone this way. Do you agree? 

Next on the agenda is having to reprint all forms of American monies because “In God We Trust” is clearly printed on paper monies and coins. 

I’ve yet to hear of a case where someone refuses to use or accept an American form of money because of this. Seems to me they pick and choose their battles as to what can be delt with more easily and will ask for more and more and more…..

After all, the world can survive – but barely – without prayer and “In God We Trust” bumper  stickers. And money to some is “the root of all evil”.

Does the majority of citizens of the United States want this to happen? I think not. The more schools, towns, and government adhere to these petty demands, the easier it will be for them to bow to all demands instead of bowing to God. 

Just my thoughts on this subject. 


Dear God, Please Have My Hair Fixed In The Morning – Amen

Dear God, Please Have My Hair Fixed In The Morning – Amen

Five things that should make your life easier:

  1. Washing powder that automatically dispenses into your washer when you turn the machine on. (If that is already an option somebody please let me know!)
  2. Sugar powdered donuts that taste great and have no calories. (A few calories would be ok but not 220 per serving which is ONLY 4 of those little gems!)
  3. A reminder button to push when we walk into a room and forget what we went in there for. (I guess I could make notes on my phone and carry it with me, but can I even remember to do that!)
  4. Husbands that answer their cell phones when you need them to. (Heaven forbid if I was ever in an accident – I know sometimes my calls aren’t urgent but you never know!)
  5. Our hair already done when we arise from bed each day! (My granddaughter Lia, – age 6 – just wished that God would make her hair already fixed in the morning so her mother wouldn’t have to brush it!) hahaha  Also, someone  let me know if this is an option.
Your hair looks fine!

Your hair looks fine!

What’s on your list?


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