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It’s been quite a month and I have a ton of posts in my head, but still no time to put them down on paper! With the publishing of Coffee-Drunk Or Blind on December 6, most of my WordPress essay’s got put on hold. Promoting and marketing takes up a lot of time, even if it is on Facebook!


CDB has been doing great in the ratings on Amazon and I am overwhelmed with the traffic the book has gotten, especially from those of you who are not family. When I started out writing this adventure of our family’s memories about homesteading in the Alaska Wilderness in the mid-twentieth century, I was only hopeful that outsiders would appreciate the story. I am still amazed at how much non-family traffic this book has received.


Without the journal, notes, and letters my mother wrote and saved for more than fifty years, this story would have been told on memory only. And you all know how our memories decompose when we get older! My brother, Chip, summed it up nicely when he wrote his memories for this book.

“Memories are funny things, the further back in time they go, the fuzzier they seem to get. They have the tendency to get jumbled together so that they blend into something that isn’t exactly the way things actually were.”


He was two years old when we left for our great adventure and almost seven when we returned, but what a great memory he had of that time in our lives!

In January I’ll be catching up on those posts in my heat. In the meantime you can always stay entertained by reading Coffee-Drunk Or Blind! Don’t forget to leave your review on Amazon. They are much appreciated!

Thanks for all your support!




Thank you – thank you for the great response to #REBLOGWEDNESDAY! It has been a little overwhelming to say the least. I promised you a page when I received the first ten comments with links for your re-blogs and here is the link to that page! REBLOGWEDNESDAY PARTICIPANT RE-BLOGS

If you are a new reader and don’t have any idea what is creating this re-blog frenzy I’ve added plenty of links to show you the way. You can click on any and find out what all this fuss is about or click on that re-blog picture in my sidebar to your right.

Please note that your name/title of your blog appears centered above your entries and highlighted with a link to your blog. I’m just going with what I see posted with your submissions so if you would like for your title to appear differently please comment below and I will do what I can to change it. Check all your links out and make sure they are going to the right doorstep. Let me know of any problems. I may need to do a little tweaking. If I missed your comment with your link please get in touch and point that out. I’ll revise and include you.

Also, you may notice if you don’t have a little blurb to introduce your re-blog. This is because you didn’t leave one for me. I wish I had one, but I don’t have the time to check out all the links and add one myself. I’m going to try to make this a little easier for you and me both. When you submit your link in the comments on the  #REBLOGWEDNESDAY page please do it in this order.

  1. My re-blog for (date)
  2. Add your own little blurb (make this short please) to introduce your post from (insert authors name)
  3. Add the link to the re-blog on your page, so clicks will revert to your page announcing the re-blog

And that’s all I need! This will make it easier for me to copy and paste your info into another page and to separate the re-blogs from some who are only commenting.

I have had a lot of responses from twitter and other social media saying “I’m in!” but if you don’t post your link on the #REBLOGWEDNESDAY or YOUR VERY OWN REBLOG PAGE  I don’t know where to find you. 😦

Looks like Jerry is in the number one spot with three re-blogs so far. Two more and he will have his own page! Way to go Wagintailsrv! Keep those re-blogs coming guys!

You can easily find the #REBLOGWEDNESDAY PARTICIPANT RE-BLOG PAGE under that tab under my header picture labeled #REBLOGWEDNESDAY.

Please feel free to add the link to #REBLOGWEDNESDAY PARTICIPANT RE-BLOGS in your sidebar or to your signature on any post. Then all your readers will have instant access to all your re-blogs in one place and it will be even better when you have YOUR VERY OWN REBLOG PAGE!

Thanks again to all who have participated in this ongoing event.









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