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Nothing Is Too Good For Your Entourage

Nothing Is Too Good For Your Entourage


You are Cordially Invited


Visit and Partake


                                                   LIKING and COMMENTING

                                               on my

                                                  ABOUT PAGE


Attire: Whatever your heart desires

Time: 24/7

Where: knowleselle

No RSVP Necessary




I’ve noticed quite a few visits to my ABOUT page recently, then some likes and comments and followers.  If you think about it, your ABOUT page is actually the first chapter in your book – the first sentence – the first paragraph. It’s the bait dangling on the hook. You have to WOW them,  make them take that bait, set the hook, and reel them in!  Don’t hand them sardines – put out the caviar and the good china! set hookThen…and only then you will have more likes, comments, and followers on the rest of your content, meaning,  this page is very important to your promoting and marketing of your book, your blog, or your arts.


Think about it. If you read a boring non-plus ABOUT page are you going to like or comment? Are you going to follow? Will you check in every day or two to see what’s up? Probably not.bored cat

I always read the ABOUT page of a blogger I am thinking of following before I make the plunge. Do you?

So…I’m going to work on my ABOUT page  now. It could use a bit of a sprucing up. Come on over by clicking on that link above and see what I’ve done. Tell me what you think!

Now where did I store my silver tea service?


Winning Is Just The Icing On The Cake

Winning Is Just The Icing On The Cake


I get a good feeling for promoting something I believe in – winning is just the icing on the cake! With H being employed as a high school music director this website caught my eye one day. I commented on a post and from there it snowballed!

I received my official notice early this morning! Care to take a peek?

Congratulations winners!

All of you on the BCC list for this email made the finals!  Your submission about education was chosen by the panel as so exceptional, that out of dozens of entries it will be one of the 24 included in the 2nd edition of Lifting The Curtain:  The disgrace we call urban high school education.  (We received nearly 90 “legitimate” entries, in addition to many scam, sales, etc. “submissions.”)  Frankly, I was stunned by the quality of your entries!

I hope you all will follow the blog at: to keep up with all that happens!  Just click FOLLOW in the upper right.  Following a blog is anonymous to everyone else – you just receive an email when a new post goes up.

Now some housekeeping:


·        Two extra prizes:  We had such trouble deciding the third place prize that we added two more $100 prizes so that two additional teachers could be honored

·        Winners:  The prize winners are listed HERE

·        All 24 entries:  The final 24 topics and winners are listed HERE

·        Gift cards:  The five Amazon gift cards (Three originally promised, plus the two we added) will be emailed to you next week to the email address we have been using during the contest.  PLEASE EMAIL ME QUICKLY IF YOU WANT IT SENT TO  DIFFERENT EMAIL ADDRESS!!

·        Dedicated books and buttons:  These will be mailed to you when the 2nd edition is published – estimated February 2015.

·        Shipping address:  You will need to email a shipping address for the book and button in order to receive the dedicated version.  If you prefer to NOT give a shipping address, please let me know and you can still be gifted a  Kindle version of the 2nd edition via your email address, but will not be mailed the button.

Thank you for participating!!!

Don R

To keep up to date with us, and to let your voice be heard as Teachers try to solve the REAL problems with education:

Please FOLLOW our blog at:

Please LIKE our Facebook page at:

Please visit our website at:


You can read my submission here.    

So what would you do with a $100 Amazon gift card? Hmmm?


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