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WordPress Mobile App Issues

WordPress Mobile App Issues

How many of you use the WordPress mobile app? I must admit – I use my WordPress mobile app consistently, to check my stats, answer comments, and write my weekly blog posts. I love it. It’s great!


Why can’t I read a whole post from my WordPress mobile ap reader? I’m thinking this is when I come across a reblog on a site I follow. I get drawn in and then there’s that light blue phrase – VIEW ORIGINAL POST 188 more words (more or less). 

The blue color of the text gives you the impression of a link to be clicked to take you to the writer’s site. That doesn’t happen and tapping on the title or bloggers name brings no results either. It’s very frustrating to read partial blogs. I have to make up my own endings! 

No amount of googling has found me the answer to this dilemma. 

There’s also a like and comment button at the bottom right of the partial content that probably belongs to the blogger who you are following. I never know if I hit that like button if the blogger actually gets notification I liked his content or if I’m just another number in the count. 

I’m also having an issue with liking blogs I follow from my email or on Facebook. I usually am taken to a page to sign into WordPress and then I can like and comment on the post. Today, I haven’t even had that option. 

By posting this rant, I’m going to either get a technical answer, I can’t understand, to this problem, or comments from others in the same predicament. But at least I got it off my chest! 



Spring Has Sprung

Spring Has Sprung

Some women have husbands who oblige their whirlwind of spring cleaning. When you say, “Honey, please go through those clothes in your closet and pull out what you don’t need to donate,” – they hop to it. Others, like me, have husbands who say, “I’ll get to it,” – and then they never do.

I’ve filled two bags with used clothing and H could easily fill three more – if only he would. Complaining doesn’t help so I’ll just rant here to you if you don’t mind and then when his back is turned I’ll fill those bags myself. I have no problem with that because it’s easy to get rid of what’s not mine. At least that is what H thinks. He says I would give everything away if it was my choice.

Is it just a woman thing to clean and spruce up in the spring time? I look around me and mentally make a list of all I want to do.

I’ve chalk painted three pieces of furniture in the last month because I feel engulfed with all the dark wood furniture in this small house. There are plenty of pieces I’d love to just dispose of but I get that, “It came from Grandmothers house in Philadelphia. We can’t get rid of that.” So in the Philadelphia Room it goes!

Now that the Philadelphia Room is chock full, I’ve started on my chalk painting mission. It’s quick and easy. There are pieces I’m not allowed to touch though, like the huge chest with spiral posts.

This chest is so big it barely fits through the hall door. We have a choice of two places to put it because it is too big to turn the corner into any of the other rooms. The living room where his mother had it or the back bedroom are our only options.

The back bedroom won, but it’s really too big for that room. I have no wallspace in the living room. This is a piece that needs to go and evidently isn’t one of Grandmothers. But H is attached. Maybe if I made him start dusting all this monstrous dark furniture he would see my point.

H has aspiring ideas of what improvements he wants to do to this house. Of course we could live with it the way it is for the rest of our lives and he’d be happy too. He is in no hurry.

I, on the other hand, would like to see some progress made.


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