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How the hashtag do #Authors use Twitter? #pubtips

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Are you flabbergasted about #hashtag use and Twitter in general? It seems you aren’t alone! Chris has written a very informative article giving you the how-to’s step by step. Thanks for this Chris. ~Elle


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Almost all authors know about Twitter.

Few authors feel that they really know how to use it.

Some authors believe that Twitter isn’t as effective for book marketing as it once was.

Other authors believe Twitter isn’t for them.

Yet many authors do use Twitter quite effectively.

One important note is that there isn’t just one way to use Twitter.

So you can find the right combination of tips to fit your needs and personality.

Twitter Tip #1: Make the Most of Hashtags

What you want is a hashtag that your target audience actually checks out. Otherwise, your hashtag is wasted.

This takes some research. But the research is worth it because once you find an effective, relevant hashtag, you can use it not just for your current tweet, but for hundreds of related tweets in the future.

Many authors simply throw a hashtag…

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Blogger Meet and Greet: Share Your Posts

Janice is having a meet and greet – Sorry folks the eats will be on you! 😉 Drop by her site and meet some of your neighbors today! ~Elle


BirdsWelcome to my third Meet and Greet.  I have seen some great connections made in the past and am hoping they will continue to be made.  I will keep holding these regular opportunities for bloggers to network.

My first two Meet and Greets were a way for bloggers to share their blogs.  Today’s Meet and Greet is about introducing your blog and putting your best post in the comments section. It should be representative of a post someone will see when they visit your site.

I encourage anyone looking for new blogs to read or new bloggers to network with to share in the comments section.

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