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How I Got a Whole New Wardrobe – Free!!

Fatbottomfiftiesgetfierce with the ironing! I use my iron everyday because of sewing. It and it’s partner the ironing board are a permanent fixture in my house. I do still have a scar on my hand from ironing my dad’s handkerchiefs when I was eight. I would NEVER leave an eight-year-old alone with an iron! What was my mother thinking? ~Elle

Fat-Bottom-Fifties Get Fierce

How I Got a Whole New Wardrobe - Free!!I may have mentioned before that household chores are not my thing. I wish I was one of those people who cleaned when stressed, but I don’t. I’m more likely to eat. Which results in more stuff to clean. And I consider shopping to be a household chore. Something I have to do because I like to eat. Which works as incentive for groceries, but not so much for clothes. I figure if God really wanted people to buy clothes in malls He wouldn’t have allowed the catalog to be invented!

So if I really, really need a new clothing item, I find it in one of the plethora of catalogs that arrive in my mailbox weekly (clearly my name has been circulated throughout the catalog industry). If the ordered item fits and flatters, I order three more in different colors. If it doesn’t, it gets repackaged to be sent…

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The unexpected dangers of sleeping with your smart phone.

The unexpected dangers of sleeping with your smart phone.

Got a smart phone? Sometimes they aren’t as smart as they think they are and sometimes your smart phone is just a smarty pants and should be put in time-out!

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