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Dear God, Please Have My Hair Fixed In The Morning – Amen

Dear God, Please Have My Hair Fixed In The Morning – Amen

Five things that should make your life easier:

  1. Washing powder that automatically dispenses into your washer when you turn the machine on. (If that is already an option somebody please let me know!)
  2. Sugar powdered donuts that taste great and have no calories. (A few calories would be ok but not 220 per serving which is ONLY 4 of those little gems!)
  3. A reminder button to push when we walk into a room and forget what we went in there for. (I guess I could make notes on my phone and carry it with me, but can I even remember to do that!)
  4. Husbands that answer their cell phones when you need them to. (Heaven forbid if I was ever in an accident – I know sometimes my calls aren’t urgent but you never know!)
  5. Our hair already done when we arise from bed each day! (My granddaughter Lia, – age 6 – just wished that God would make her hair already fixed in the morning so her mother wouldn’t have to brush it!) hahaha  Also, someone  let me know if this is an option.
Your hair looks fine!

Your hair looks fine!

What’s on your list?


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