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Sometimes I May Be Better Off NOT Knowing

Sometimes I May Be Better Off NOT Knowing

You know how it is when you get that dreaded phone call in the middle of the night? You heart skips a beat and worse case senarios with visions of loved ones filter through your head. I’ve decided I would be much better off not knowing what’s going on unless there is a reason I could maybe help out.

A few nights ago at exactly 8:37 pm I received this text from Andrew.

Oh my!  There wasn’t anything I could do…except worry. They were about an hour and a half from Cleveland, TN where Andrew is attending grad school. Too far away for us to be of any help! 

This disaster came on the coattails of Andrew and his friend Bailey placing 2nd in the finals at the Great Plains International Marimba Competition in Oklahoma on Wednesday. We were so proud of the awesome job they did, but now we had to come off that high and worry about them being on the side of the road, in the dark, being nearly crushed by boulders falling from a mountain! I may be taking it a bit far with that thought. But it could have been worse. 

Bailey on the left and Andrew on the right

They had been on the road since 7:30 am, traveling home in a rental BMW SUV that the University of South Carolina had rented for them to use for their trip. Insurance had been taken out so there was no out-of-pocket expense for them. Whew! But it was late at night and no back up car could be gotten until morning.

They figured it out and I received a text at 3:08 am that they had made it to Cleveland. The next morning the rental company provided another car so Bailey and his wife could get back to South Carolina.

What a way to end a such a great trip! Of course I worried from the time I got the first text to the time they arrived in Cleveland. That’s what mothers do. 


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