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Five Tips To Make It Look As Though You’ve Been Productive All Day – Even If You Haven’t!

Five Tips To Make It Look As Though You’ve Been Productive All Day – Even If You Haven’t!

Have you ever had your spouse/partner/significant other walk in the door after work and ask you what you have been doing all day? Here’s a list of tips to make them believe that you HAVE been productive today. Productive in their eyes and productive in your eyes are usually tw0 different things. Sometimes you just have to have time to do something that is important to you!

  1. Most important is to get dressed! Even if you have lounged around in your pj’s reading, writing, watching your favorite daytime shows, napping, surfing the internet or playing around on your WordPress account, it’s better not to announce it. Thirty minutes before the usual arrive-home-time is plenty. So pry yourself away from those other activities and put on something flirty!
  2. Fit a couple loads of laundry in between Facebook snooping and naptime. You’d be surprised how it looks as though you have slaved over the laundry all day if you leave the folded clothes perched on the sofa and chairs because you have been sooooo busy you haven’t had time to put them up. (If you have a really sweet considerate ‘other’ he may even offer to put them up for you.
  3. Quickly throw all the dirty dishes from the sink and counters into the dishwasher and then when there are no utensils or clean plates for dinner you can say, “I loaded the dishwasher, but between the phone ringing with your mother calling and all that laundry it never got turned on.”  (He doesn’t really need to know how many times she didn’t call.) Then pull out that picnic basket full of supplies from last summers beach picnic. See there. Now you have saved yourself some time that can be used to waste tomorrow AND you have the setting for a romantic dinner for two .
  4. It only takes five minutes to sweep or vacuum that one room that you both spend the most time in during the evening hours. As soon as you are dressed plug that vacuum in!
  5. Turn the lights down low and light some scented candles. The dusty furniture will disappear and the air will smell like a garden of roses instead of a gym locker. Only you have to know the actual secret behind this act. It may also buy you some points when he realizes the bed never got made!

Can you add another tip to this? Someone may need this list sometime. You know I would never be this sneaky. I’m only the writer!


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