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Let The Sun Shine In

Let The Sun Shine In

Today we woke up with the sun shining through the windows. What a glorious sight that was! I was beginning to doubt the fact I was really living in Florida – aka, “The Sunshine State”.

At one point I was fearful I had gotten a vitamin deficiency from the result of too much gloomy damp weather and lack of sunshine, the temps feeling ten degrees cooler than what was registering.

With weather like we’ve had since early November, I’m reminded of the book, Flowers In The Attic by V.C.Andrews, when the children were kept captive in the attic, for years, with no exposure to the sun. My mood was also beginning to reflect that. Lack of sun is not good for your health as it states in this article > Here’s an article on 9 ways a Lack of Sun is Killing You.

Even with the sun shining, the temperature is still cool for this time of year. I feel sorry for all the spring breakers traveling to our area of Florida, expecting sun and surf. The surf is there, but it’s a bit too cold for my taste. That doesn’t stop the tourists from dressing the part, from short shorts and tank tops, to swim suits and beach coverups, they are out and about in droves with flip-flops and bare feet. After all, they have to get their moneys worth.

While the tourists are dressing in the bare minimum and dipping their toes in the gulf, I’m still pulling on a pair of socks every morning and the longer the pants and sleeves, the better. Our coats haven’t gone back into storage and my heat is still on at night.

At least the sun is cooperating this week. Next month we will probably be complaining of it being too hot, too soon.

This has been a crazy year weather-wise. What’s it been like for the last few months in your part of the world?


Here Are Those Pics I Promised – I Wish I Had More!

Here Are Those Pics I Promised – I Wish I Had More!

‘Like A Snowball Gathering Speed’  deserves some pictures don’t you think? I was too tired at four am this morning to do it justice. There should have been more but I think I was too caught up in the moment to take many. It’s not usual for me to take so much time off. I must have been overwhelmed! And I had two spring breaks since Andrew’s and H’s were back to back this year! Were you that lucky?

Here are a few. You can see the rest on Facebook  at these links –  Elle Knowles and Crossing The Line. Like these pages to stay updated on ‘Crossing The Line’ and the soon-to-be sequel ‘What Line’. There are some of the two turtles – Franklin and Ethan Feenie in their new home and of the first turtle of the spring crawling up to eat the cat food. There’s the new and LAST paint job in the kitchen. That fish is now swimming in the Red Sea! Some views of the beach and views from our restaurant windows. You see – we ate out a lot. I did cook breakfast most mornings though – or maybe that was brunch? 😉

Crawfish - Our first for the season!

Crawfish – Our first for the season!

View from our table at AJ's in Destin

View from our table at AJ’s in Destin



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