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Are we having fun yet?

Are we having fun yet?

And the fun begins…Week two of social distancing and self-quarantining has begun.

What are you cooking in this time of crisis?

We eat out a lot. I never realized how much until now. With all the restaurants closed except for drive-throughs or take out, it has fallen on me to provide our meals. The cabinets, fridge, and freezer are stocked way beyond what is usual, but I still find myself staring at the bounty and wondering what to cook.

H is picky. No casseroles and not too much chicken in the diet for him. Mention soup and he cringes, but he always eats it when I make it. I love soup – any kind – and could eat it every day. H could live on eggs and spaghetti. (Not in the same meal) Me? Not so much. I could live on cheese and crackers.

Should I cook a roast we could eat on for three days? That would solve the cook-every-day problem. Maybe a meatloaf? That would last for two meals for sure. Maybe H can fire up the grill and we will cook hamburgers, and some of that good deer sausage I have in the freezer. I can refrigerate the leftovers and we can have them for lunches throughout the week. I bought bread and buns three days ago and I don’t want them to go stale. The roast can wait. 

What are you doing for exercise?

Our gym is closed so we now have an excuse to not go on a regular basis. Our gym membership is free through our health insurance so I’m not losing any money – or weight. The extent of my exercise is picking up after H all day. It’s like living with a teenager. You would think he is seventeen instead of seventy-plus. We may ride our bikes later this afternoon, steering clear of people who aren’t really out now anyway. 

What are you doing with all your free time?

I am usually a busy person with a lot of activities and crafts to keep me sane. While I sew, I listen to audiobooks. I was surprised to receive this email from Audible this past week.

Congratulations! You’ve earned a $20 Amazon credit for finishing three distinct titles that were each at least 3 hours long between January 1, 2020 and March 3, 2020.

I’ve logged a lot more hours than that but I won’t look a gift horse in the mouth!

I’ll be content with sewing, Cricuting, reading, and writing. H, on the other hand, is content watching tv and playing games on his phone. We do binge watch Netflix and Amazon Prime together at night, but we are running out of series that interest us both. 

Is going out an option?

I really want to chalk paint a piece of furniture since I have so much free time on my hands. I don’t have the paint color for it and am not going to Home Depot to purchase. Is Home Depot even opened? 

Andrew pointed out one day last week, when he called while I was at the grocery store, that we were in the elderly category and should not venture out. “What are you doing? You need to stay home!

We do have to eat, you know,” was my reply.

H is not as afraid to go out in public during this time as I am, so when we are in need, he is usually happy to go on the search. We now have four twenty-four packs of water, but no hand sanitizer. We have toilet paper, but not the brand I like. We also have plenty of snacks we don’t really need.

Stay in. Stay safe. Read more books!


Surviving the crisis with a little humor…

Surviving the crisis with a little humor…

While my children are figuring out how to plan their days with kids, ages two through a junior in high school, (that’s four different families) I sit back and wonder how it would have been for me when they were growing up. If I had been thrown a curve ball like this, I may not have survived – or maybe they wouldn’t have.

The group text between sisters and mom is blowing up this minute with brainstorming ideas between them. They never cease to give me great blogging material.

One sister is a teacher so she’s also having to worry about her “other” kids staying on task in the weeks ahead.


Another is a stay-at-home mom with four kids age 2 – 9. The school is already set up for digital learning so that’s a plus. She’s really excited making lists and assignments and goals to meet during the day. She has bought all the supplies for a daily on-line art class. I listened to her banter yesterday and said, “yeah, call me Wednesday.”

There is also a single working mom who may find herself working from home for a while. One of her daughters already does online learning as her way of attending school every day. She won’t be affected at all except for the fact she will now have people to deal with in her school room. (Mom and younger sister)

Last, but not least, there is the mother of a teenage son. You know the kind – they already know it all. Good luck to her!

                                                                           Mom doesn’t look too worried!

Meanwhile, Andrew has been granted another week of spring break at the University of South Carolina. He’s stressing over having to start virtual classes the next week with a research class and another class I’m not sure of. I just know there are a lot of papers he has to write because his dad and I do plenty of editing for him.

Of course H says, “I never had anyone to help me. I sat in the library for days writing a paper and when I turned it in, my professor picked it apart unmercifully. Then I had to rewrite it.” I just told him Andrew was so lucky to have his knowledge in the field and his help. That shut him up.

There is also the problem of having a virtual percussion class. His teacher isn’t even sure of that one.

At least he will have more time to spend with Mia and Xochi.

Stay safe in the next few weeks!



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