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Blog Revisit: Time Is of the Essence

Charles is right. Everyone is different and distractions from writing that bother some may not bother others. Time is of the essence. Do not delay and get that book written and published! I had to lose all my work on my sequel to get at a place now where I really want to be. Great advice here Charles! ~Elle

Legends of Windemere

Originally posted on July 8, 2014.  Knew I wrote about this once before.

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One thing we always wish we had is more time.  In the day, in the week, in the year, in life, etc.  This runs amazingly true with authors.  This is why you see so many people using word goals or chapters per week.  We decide on our progress by the speed that we get through a product.  Slow and steady can be good, but there is a sense of urgency for the career author.  For traditionally published, you have deadlines.  For indie authors, you have a fear of fading away if you take too long.  Look at your authors who release a 99 cent novella every month and you can find that time is a part of the equation.

I’ve gone on about the distractions in my life a lot and received a lot of suggestions. …

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