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The Apple Doesn’t Fall Far From The Tree

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The Apple Doesn’t Fall Far From The Tree

I can see it in the way he cleans the yard, or the carport, or workroom. Not throwing out useless items because they were Mom or Dad’s. Not letting go because it was something important to them. I shake my head and muse because what else can I do? The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree!

While replacing the antiquated four blade, no light ceiling fans with five blade fans and light kits, the old fans, of course, are packed into the boxes the new fans came in – nice and neat with a little room to spare. They are then placed in the workroom balanced precariously on top of three ice chests and a mound of boxes filled with items his mother had gathered years ago for a yard sale that never happened.

Somewhere amongst the five trillion screws – and I am not exaggerating –  three dozen screwdrivers, and multitudes of other miscellaneous tools ( I should never have to visit the tool or screw department in Lowes again) there are at least four boxed up old carburetors that came off cars that are long gone. Is there a reason I am missing why his dad kept these things?

When H replaced the faucet in the bathroom a few months ago, he carefully packed the old one up yet again in the new box and left it sitting in the hallway. Two days later I asked him if I should put it in the workroom with the other boxed items so when we were gone…deceased…passed away…Andrew would think he had found treasure – a brand new faucet and two new ceiling fans along with other miscellaneous parts of a house that had years before been remodeled. To his dismay when he opens these boxes he finds junk! Junk he will throw out. Junk he will also shake his head at and wonder.

I should probably prepare Andrew for this so he won’t be as shocked as I was when I found what I thought could be treasures. Or…I could leave it alone and let him think we weren’t quite right in the head!

We won’t talk about my junk drawer! Everyone has one of those…right?


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