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One of Those Headlines You Can’t Ignore! How’s That for a Smashing Title?

I’ve been digging around on WordPress for the past week or so trying to learn all the ins and outs and how to add this or that to make my site unique. That’s because I want to be featured one day on Freshly Pressed! Who wouldn’t? I want to be one of the elite – the one on the front page – the one that a viewer from out of the blue says, “that girl has some great blog site!” For those of you who do not know what Freshly Pressed is – here is the definition:

Eight new blog posts hand-picked each day to be highlighted in the Freshly Pressed section of WordPress. WOW! Just imagine how many posts are put on WordPress daily. Uggh! Sooo, sooo many!  Now that’s what I will call an accomplishment when mine is picked! Well, I’m working on making that happen. And think how far your blog could go if yours is picked one day too!

I’m following all the criteria and sprucing up my blog – making it easy on the eyes. Don’t get scared – you’re in the right place. That’s why you see a new theme today! I didn’t feel like the old theme really showcased my work and I’ll be honest with you – it takes time to make this happen. There are so many choices and so many decisions to make. You can’t throw  any old theme out there and expect it to work. Trial and error and lots of planning help make the blog site yours. The good thing is that you can always go back and edit and reformat again if it doesn’t come out looking like the final product you envisioned. Remember to get feed back from your family and friends. Most of them will be honest and tell you want they think of your site layout, but remember, you always have the final word. You can make it happen!

Of course my content is unique – unless someone else is in my head writing down my thoughts. There should be a way we could all to do that. You know what I mean – a plug-in of some sort from one persons head to another’s. It is something every woman needs when she failed mind-reading 101 (most of us have and it is nothing to ashamed of) and her husband tends to forget that! I try to write a lot about what has gone on in my life. After all my blog is about a journal of a new author. That’s me – Elle Knowles. Yay! My major accomplishment so far in this new world of writing is Crossing The Line. I finally published in February, 2013.

I’ve never been afraid of my voice and some may think I voice my opinions when I shouldn’t, especially about matters irrelevant to my blog. I will try to keep those opinions to myself! So sorry if everyone doesn’t always agree with me. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion, but there is also a time and a place for it. Speaking of your voice – have you every heard your voice recorded on an answering machine or on your voicemail? I cringe when I hear it! Surely that is not how I really sound!  At least I know I’m not in that boat by myself. It’s not only me. I’ve heard others say the same thing!

Pictures I can paint. Can’t you just see the piles of laundry all over my living room floor from one of my previous blog posts – Writing, Spring Break and Laundry, (Dry Cleaned Fraternity Jersey and All) – It’s Doable!? True story – everything I write on my blog is true. 🙂 I try to write informative articles about what my life is all about. Not everyone is interested in my life I know, but if I can make you interested and get you to read the books I write and follow my blog to see what I am up to next, or what my next venture will be, then I have succeeded in reaching my goal. My sister said she reads my blog to see what’s going on in my life. I guess sometimes I get too busy to inform everyone of everything  – I have a large family. They can treat this blog as a family newsletter of some sort!

I try not to clutter my blog site with unnecessary information and I do try to add relevant tags to my posts. These tags are how your blog site is found when searched with certain terms on the internet and should reflect what your article is about. Also, those hyperlinks! Is that what they are called? None are required, but when I learned how to add those, I was amazed! Watch out friends and family if I mention your name and can find a link to it somewhere – you may have all sorts of traffic on your site, facebook page, twitter, etc. So much fun!

I can’t say too much about typo-free content. That was the subject of another blog post of mine. Lessons Learned! I am a new author and have learned a lot and have a lot more to learn in the future, but typo’s I can handle – just maybe not the first time around! I’m working on it. I try to follow all the rules and get rid of my red/green/blue underlines, but sometimes what you want to say can’t be said without them! Oh gosh, I hope I have fixed all the error’s in this one!

Have I forgotten anything? Now about that headline. Got it!


Writing, Editing, and Publishing – In That Order!

I wrote the book. It wasn’t too hard. The words seemed to flow easily – most of the time. Then, I had to edit! This took a while. I had two other people reading and editing. Thanks Sara and HL! I reread and edited and then reread and edited again while waiting for them to finish. Yes, I was getting impatient! I wanted to see this book in print, and soon!

In the meantime, I submitted a preview of ‘Crossing The Line’  so others could review it for me. I felt it couldn’t hurt to get some comments. Hopefully they will all be positive.  I also worked on my book cover while waiting for the manuscripts to be returned to me. (When you self-publish you also have to design your own book cover – but that is another story!)

Finally my edited manuscripts arrived at my door and I edited in MS Word again. It seemed as though every time I reread, I found passages I wanted to tweak a little.  They weren’t errors – I just knew it could be organized better. I can’t imagine how authors ever wrote a manuscript in longhand or even on a typewriter. It is so much easier on a computer to correct your mistakes. I guess that is one of the reasons there is such a flood of books out today – especially self-published ones.

I want mine to stand out though, and not for the errors! My daughter, Kerri, made a comment that has stuck with me. She said, “I don’t want to read your book and find a spelling or grammar mistake because that really bothers me when I read a book. I can’t believe someone would print their book like that.” So for you Kerri – I hope I can make it perfect or darn close!

The time came to hit the submit button and order my proof. After waiting about a week, the proof arrived. It was so exciting to see my writing bound in book form with the cover! However, I am rereading again because the publishing company suggested it. I sure am glad they did. You can see the typos and spacing errors easier in an actual book than you can on a computer screen or even on printed pages. Yes, I am still impatient and want it to be finished, but I want it to be right the first time it is published. I worked too hard on this to get sloppy now. Please be patient while  waiting for the final product.

If you read this article and see mistakes, I am sorry. I have read it over numerous times and edited, and I am sure my family will make me aware of any errors. (They were quick to do so on the first post and I thank them for it! I found a couple errors on their comments they left for me on this blog site, but I won’t mention any names! You know who you are. HaHa) If more are found, I will edit again and again, and repost. As Michael Burge  replied to a comment I made on his blog today, “It’s just so damned easy!” Hope I inserted that correctly. I’m still trying to learn how to work this program!


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