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Don’t Let Your Children Grow Up Without The  Knowledge Of This Government Office…

Don’t Let Your Children Grow Up Without The  Knowledge Of This Government Office…

Unbeknownst to me, my fifth and last child, twenty-four years of age, has never set foot inside a United States Post Office. This came to my attention last night when he called to say he had ordered something online that he needed to return. “How do I do this? Where do I go? How much does it cost?”

I keep telling myself I wasn’t a bad mother. I had taught him the more important facts of life – how to do laundry, iron, make a bed, sweep, dust, do dishes, and cook eggs. I’m not sure if he practiced what I preached though. His sisters will tell you he is my favorite and I coddle him. Not true. He’s just my favorite son…

On the other hand, he has grown up in a world of technology and snail mail wasn’t  on his agenda. Packages ordered have been delivered right to his front door and music and computer programs are installed instantly online. 

Now I’m second guessing myself and wondering if he has ever been in a public library. Books could be ordered online or sent electronically to almost any electronic device since the time he was remotely interested in reading, and then it was mostly the reading of music which isn’t usually available in the public library.  Music libraries have been his priority. He visits the bookstore at school only when he is in dire need of something yesterday. 

So if you haven’t done it already, head on over to your local post office and show your kids around. They may thank you one day…



Trains, Planes, Automobiles, and Spaceships – But Where’s The Mail?

Trains, Planes, Automobiles, and Spaceships – But Where’s The Mail?

I had just about decided to not post anything today – I know….I know. Its ‘Whatever Will Be Will Be Wednesday!’ – when I turned on the news and heard that the United States Post Office wants another hike in the cost of a stamp. That really got me thinking. Now they want the cost for a first class stamp to be forty-nine cents. Come on now. Lets just round it out and make it an even fifty cents. Who wants that one penny cluttering up the bottom of your purse anyway?

I’m the last person who wants to see the USPS (United States Postal Service) go out of business. My grandfather had a rural postal route during the depression, keeping my grandmother and their eight children fed and clothed and one step above others. My father worked for the post office for a while.  (He always had an extra stamp in his pocket and was so good about mailing letters and insuring packages for me to my boyfriend in the service. Yep, no cell phones back then! (What a laugh when I told him afterwards they were only brownies!)  🙂  My ex-husband, i.e. ex-boyfriend – must have been those smooshed brownies –  worked for the post office when the girls were young and we never-ever had a stamp around the house! 😦  I have a friend who works for the post office and I always get my mail on time delivered to my front door! So you see, the USPS has always been a part of my life.

Most company’s downsize when needed. Clothes go out of style and they stop making that brand or add a new line. Electronics, when they are obsolete are taken over by new technology. Modes of transportation have changed drastically over the years. There are no more horse and buggy’s, and very few buses or passenger trains. The motor car took over that job and then came the airplanes. Next, we will all be in outer space in a spaceship. Just you wait and see!

I know the Post Office has downsized, but maybe not enough. Maybe they should sit back and take a new evaluation of the problem. Snail mail has dropped drastically. Most people email or fax. Good use of FedEx and UPS has taken over parcels and overnight deliveries. Communication with cell phones and texting has grown and branched out to the old and the young. Even thank you notes are sent electronically these days. Give me an old-fashioned thank you note in my mailbox any day.

Raising the cost of stamps doesn’t look like it will do the trick this time. The cost of those stamps need to stop rising. This is just my opinion and downsizing may not be the answer, however, it will be a sad day for all when every town doesn’t have it’s own Post Office and we can’t have our mail delivered to the front door anymore.

"What's a stamp, Mom"                                                                                                   “What’s a stamp, Mom?”


What are your thoughts every time USPS raises the cost of a first class stamp?

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