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And Then…I Wrote A Book!

And Then…I Wrote A Book!

Go ahead – add yours up. Add up your social media hours if you dare and don’t be surprised at the amount of time you put in. If you calculated  all the time I spend on social media in one given day please do not reveal the answer to me! I do not want to know!

This is coming from someone that had to be manipulated into getting a Facebook page. Yes, my children told me I could see pictures of my grandchildren without them having to specially send me a private email. They said it would be easier for them. I balked, I procrastinated, I put it off and then one day – !BAM! – I had a Facebook page, compliments of my sister. I think she was in cahoots with those kids. Thanks so much Debbie!

And then…I wrote a book – ‘Crossing The Line’. Now I have not only that first personal Facebook page but also an author Facebook page, an Amazon author page,  a ‘Crossing The Line’ Facebook page, a twitter account, pinterest, and my blog. I even have an Etsy account that is in a sad state of neglect right now. I also upgraded my cell phone to a smart phone that is smarter than I am! I get my emails for four different accounts (long story), and have notifications coming through constantly night and day. There seems to be a constant buzz, beep, whirr or ring. I can’t leave home without it. Have I left anything out?

Just having a blog is enough to keep you busy hours at a time. You don’t just blog, you read – a lot! And when you read you find more to read as in books suggested by other bloggers or authors, articles, and  more blogs.

I did not enter into this writing adventure lightly. The only reason I am a part of so much  social media is because it seems to be one of the requirements of becoming an indie author. It gives your book exposure, helps to develop a platform for marketing and promoting, and gives your readers an insight of who you really are.

That being said, it also drains you of a life free of social media responsibilities. There is always that one last post lurking in the far corner of your mind. Add to that some comments to make or answer, a few more emails, a pin on pinterest, a tweet, or a new book to read and review.

Seems like I’m all over the place. It’s no wonder I can’t seem to finish the sequel to ‘Crossing The Line’ –  ‘What Line’. Don’t take this the wrong way. I love all my social media. It’s exhilarating to get a comment, a like or any kind of response  to your latest blog post. It’s dandy to have your Facebook post liked, commented on,  and even shared.  To be re-tweeted or favored is a feeling of accomplishment. The top of the line seems to be having a post you are so very proud of re-blogged.

So what’s the point? The point is if I didn’t engage in all this social media you wouldn’t know that I wrote a book and if I hadn’t written a book I probably wouldn’t be involved in social media as much (maaaabeey). It has a way of reeling you in. I would have so much time on my hands and maybe I’d write a book!

For example, this morning I’ve been to the store to buy washing powder and a new laundry basket, washed four loads of laundry, and sat watch on a bird that flew into my window. These are everyday chores that had to be done – maybe not the bird part. BTW, he survived…flew off into the wild blue yonder. Now here I am blogging. That is what I was striving for all morning hurrying through those chores and even putting off a few. I should be writing on ‘What Line’ and I intend to do just that…as soon as I answer a few emails, post some Facebook content, tweet, maybe update my Amazon author page, and check on that badly neglected Etsy site.

I probably use all this social media for procrastination as well as marketing and promoting. Doesn’t everybody? What do you think?


You Only Need To Type One Word Per Day!

You Only Need To Type One Word Per Day!

One word a day! I could do that. That doesn’t even make sense does it? If I set a goal to write one word a day, imagine how long it would take to finish writing a book. I feel as though I am stuck in a place not far from that idea with ‘What Line’. It’s been slow going. You can read this blog post by Richard Ridley that has inspired me to think about the one word concept. I don’t think I have gone completely cuckoo!

Some authors – most authors – set a daily word count goal. It is far from a one word a day goal. That count is more like 1500 – 3000 words or more a day. That would really get the ball rolling for sure.

Think of the pressure you are under with that higher count. Take for instance, there is the emergency run to the vet after your dog ate the last ten pages of your novel. The hot water heater didn’t only spring a leak, it flooded your basement. Sick kids. Sick you. Life happens and there is not a thing we can do to stop it. When it happens there goes that unrealistic goal of your word count. It’s shot to hell in a hand basket. And since we all don’t like to fail, sometimes we don’t even try.


Bad Dog!

Bad Dog!

Placing your word count goal at one word per day is much more realistic. You open your laptop to your novel. Refresh your mind by rereading the last chapter you wrote. Open up a fresh blank page and start typing. Type that one word. You pretty much have to type more than one word to finish a sentence and then that sentence runs into another and then a paragraph forms. A few more paragraphs, another page or two and look at that. You not only surpassed your word count of one word – you wrote a whole new chapter!

So folks, I’m changing my word count goal to one word per day. How about you? I’ve already typed almost four hundred words just by writing this post. Counting the deletions and retypes and I have! Now I have to go get that one word typed into ‘What Line’.

Happy goal setting!



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