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Our Choices Make Us Who We Are

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Our Choices Make Us Who We Are

My mother was one strong woman. She decided young in life she wanted to be a nurse and at the age of sixteen she chose to attend nursing school in New Orleans Louisiana at Mercy Hospital.

I still hear her voice sometimes telling me to be consistent. I find myself telling my children the very same thing. I wonder if they are listening.

I can still see her sitting at the counter in her kitchen working the crossword puzzle late at night. Words With Friends would have been her favorite past time if it had been around and even though I win the majority of my games now – that would not have been the case playing against her.

I find myself singing her praises anytime someone mentions home health. (That happens more often as I get older.) She was a dedicated nurse for many years when we were young, working night duty – eleven pm to seven am so Daddy could be home with us at night. She arrived home just in time to get us all off to school and then slept until we returned in the afternoon. Later, when we were older, she was a home health director for over 40 years. I went on many a call with her in the middle of the night out on deserted roads I didn’t even know existed in our small community. Fear did not enter into her mental knowledge.

With three girls having their drivers license in high school, we fought over whose turn it was to have her car, but we always had to check in often in case she had an emergency. (There were no cell phones.) We were the only kids who drove around with catheters in the back seat.

She chose to follow my father, with four young children, into the unknown, when he decided to homestead in the Alaska wilderness in the late 1950’s. We’ve always said he was the adventurer, but she probably gave him a run for his money.

You can read about that adventure – some in her own words in Coffee-Drunk Or Blind.

Happy Mother’s Day to all the adventures out there!



Please Don’t Have A Crisis – I’m Turning My Phone Off For The Day!

Nope, no one can have a crisis today! I’m thinking of doing just that. Not have a crisis, but turning my phone and my computer off for the day. There are pitfalls. How would anyone get in touch with me? My kids? I would have to let them know ahead of time so they wouldn’t worry. I would have to look up my home phone number for them because I’m pretty sure they don’t know it and I don’t either. Then I would have to stay home by the home phone all day. You know… in case an important call came through. Andrew would be ok. I think he has forgotten he has parents this semester! I would have to write out checks to pay my bills, find stamps, and hope I didn’t miss the mailman. Maybe I won’t need any information from the internet today. Do I have time for all that? Oh no! How will I check my stats? Arrrgh…This wouldn’t be easy. Maybe I’ll just try to tone it down a bit. That could work, couldn’t it? This could be called a crisis if I follow through!

Yes, we were just as guilty as everyone else! As we sat at in the restaurant, menu in front of us and cellphone in our hands, I looked around and noticed plenty of other couples in the same predicament. Couples both on cellphones, teens on cellphones, even small children with an electronic device in front of them. Instead of communicating with each other and paying attention to their children, they were texting, playing games, reading info on the internet, even talking on their cell phones. To keep the kids quiet, they were given an electronic device of their own. Look around…you know I’m right.

I sat in the car at Playground Music last Saturday waiting on Harry. It was raining and when he goes in that store he starts talking and it could be an hour or more before he emerges with excuses of how hard it was to get away, etc. It was easier to stay in the car and wait. I wouldn’t get wet and anyway I had my Kindle and my cell phone. There was plenty to keep me busy and I wouldn’t feel guilty about wasting time because what else was there to do? I ran the battery on my cell phone down to 33% while he was in there for more than an hour! Good thing we weren’t on a schedule.

Harry and I were usually pretty good about not constantly watching our cell phones for messages or calls on our evenings out…until we got hooked on Words With Friends. I must admit, its my fault. I turned him onto the game when we acquired new phones this summer. My daughters had it on their phones and I couldn’t play because BlackBerry didn’t have the app! Now, I have an iPhone and WOW!

You know its gotten out of hand when you sit in a restaurant waiting for your turn to play. (Elle’s useful tip…use this time to explore the internet, answer emails, or text your friends because he is busy and not paying attention to you anyway). Sometimes we sit in bed next to each other playing Words With Friends! LOL! Here’s our conversation: H…”Your turn.” Me…”I just played.” H…”Is that even a word?” Me…”It took it.” The word was dhobi. Now, I have no idea what that means but apparently Words With Friends does and you can also make it plural for more points on your next turn! We could go on for an hour or two with one eye on the TV and one on the phone. H can even play during commercials. This does keep him from flipping those channels so often. 🙂

I have a game going constantly with all four of my daughters and one with Harry. I have to admit…haven’t lost but one game yet! That was with Kerri. (Only because I had a Q and other letters left in my hand when she played her last letter. Right Kerri?)  She is always the quickest to respond and on top of her game. Amie is the next in line with quick responses. Then Terri. Jessie is last…some times we play only a few words a week! She has gotten faster and almost beat me a few days ago!

Da…ding Da…ding! Bringg Bringg! Tweet..Tweet! Buzzz…Buzzz…Buzzz! These are the sounds our phones make when notifying us of important stuff…important to us anyway. It’s called onomatopoeia. An onomatopoeia is a word that imitates sound. Now how would I know that if I didn’t have internet? Where’s my dictionary? Go ahead and have your crisis. I’m keeping my phone turned on!


Are you addicted to your phone?

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