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JULTZ CRAFTS – for crafter, spinners, weavers, knitters, quilters, etc.

JULTZ CRAFTS – for crafter, spinners, weavers, knitters, quilters, etc.


Got a craft or want to find one? Visit Julz. She’s got a mountain of info and articles to get you going. While participating in the #reblogwednesday event she’s had the fun of re-blogging some of her favorite articles from fellow bloggers. Check out her site and some of her re-blogs listed below to get started on that craft today!

Thanks for participating in #reblogwednesday Julz!


  1. Julz – re-blogged  If you want to know whether it’s the year of the goat or the year of the sheep, have a look! The original post is written by Debbie who lives in China and she should know!
  2. Julz – re-blogged…   i’m going to cheat this week i wrote this post earlier in the week and at the end I copied/re-blogged a video – first time I’ve had a video in any of my posts – of status quo in the nude singing one of their hits – it actually came from their website, so it counts as a reblog doesn’t it Elle?
  3. Julz – reblogged… – its a step by step tutorial on ‘How to shorten a metal zipper without wrecking your good sewing scissors’hope you find it useful!
  4. Julz – re-blogged…  if you want to be blatantly self promotional too – have a look!
  5. Julz – re-blogged…  “Taking a Walk Through History” Greensleeves
  7. this is a post about a family who are new to raising chickens – your favourite subject – who have made a great effort, but didn’t realise what breed they bought! now read on ….
  8. two re-blogs this week!
    on ‘the spare’ a great post about The Blues
  9. and on, I’ve re-blogged Debbie’s post about the history of silk in China
  10. have found something I really like to reblog for you Elle – smile @knowleselle
    for your reblog Wednesday – I just did it a day early!
    a sewing project – using loads of interesting napkins etc to make a curtain!
  11.  truly harrowing – about the status of women in Somalia –

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  1. thanks elle – first time I’ve seen this page – smile



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