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Introducing – The Family! (Part Two)

Introducing – The Family! (Part Two)

The original Introducing – The Family was published in March 2013. There have been a few changes and some additions since then. This required updating my About page and my  ‘Introducing – The Family! (Part Two)’  has now become a page instead of a post.  Here’s the update. Enjoy!

Yes, I have a BIG family. Besides H and I there are children and grandchildren.  I’ve mentioned my children before in a few of my posts – haven’t I? I really should introduce them to you as individuals. There are four girls and a boy. I know I mention Andrew the most, but that is because he is the youngest, and my favorite son  (ha-ha),  and the only one still at home, even though he mostly isn’t at home! Enough about him now – his turn is last today. Read about my favorite daughter when you click on the four girls link above!

The first of my children are actually twins – Terri and Kerri. I know what you are thinking – I must have been out of my mind to give them rhyming names. You don’t want to know their middle names because you really will think I have lost it! They are very close, always having each others back.  They lived  in the same town in Central Louisiana where they both grew up until a few years ago and their children played together having the advantage of being close first cousins. They grew up playing with and being close to their own cousins and I’m glad their children could do the same. Cousins are the best!

Terri is the oldest, married to Jason and they have two growing boys. Ty, my oldest grandchild, is twenty-one, out of high school and working. Will is sixteen with nothing on his mind but driving and having a good time!

Kerri is twenty minutes younger than Terri and has two girls. Her and the girls now live in Atlanta near her younger sister Jessie. More cousins to play with!  Lia is twelve and Charlee is nine. They both love to dance.

Three years later came Amie – the middle child. She’s a music person, plays the trumpet, and teaches band at a school in North Louisiana. Amie and her husband Don have four girls! Maddy is the oldest at twenty. Abby is eighteen. They both play musical instruments and their mother was their band teacher, (They can get Andrew’s take on that because his dad was his band director in high school!) They also both played basketball in high school. Now they are in college. Maddy a junior and Abby a freshman. Gabby is fourteen years old and I think she is going to be crafty. Aly, the baby, is eleven and loving school and cheerleading. Amie has her hands full, but I’ve been there, done that! You have to take it one day at a time.

Jessie is the youngest of my girls – seven years younger than Amie and ten years younger than the twins. What can I say about her? She was very spoiled by her older sisters and actually ended up as a responsible adult in spite of it.  She lives in Georgia with her husband Davey and they now have four children. Two girls and two boys – she had to do things differently. Cadence is nine and Ethan, my youngest grandson is eight. They are both a little young to be doing much yet but will make their mark soon. Watch out! Sydney Paige is five and is keeping up with them both. The baby, Pierson, is almost two. He’s going to be different from all the others, and bigger!

That brings us to Andrew again. As I said, he is the youngest of my children and the only boy. T and K are eighteen years older than him – yes I was brain-dead! Don’t know what we would do without him though. His three oldest sisters are more like his aunts, but the older he gets, the closer they become. He is also a music person specializing in percussion and  majored in Music Ed at Troy University in Troy, Alabama. He was off to grad school in 2017 to Lee University in Cleveland, Tennessee to  major in music percussion. Now he is on the last leg of his journey at the University of South Carolina with a graduate assistantship and stipend to work on his doctorate. My checkbook and bank account thanks them!

Well, that’s the family. What do you think? Twelve grandchildren and I am sure there will be more. I hope I got all their names spelled right and their ages correct or I’m sure I will hear about it! It’s so hard  to keep up with birthdays these days. 😦 On my next update, I think I will skip the ages!

This may be the most boring blog I have written if you have just tuned in. If you are actually following it and reading them all, and keeping up, then you will now know who I am talking about when I mention a name. Now that I have introduced everyone, I won’t have to stop and explain who so and so is anymore. 😉


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  1. Always fun to find another writer with ties to my home state of Louisiana! I enjoyed poking around your site:)

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  2. Okay: middle names. My guesses: Jean and Jane or Lou and Sue. 🙂


  3. What a lovely family you have. I’m working on my 4th baby now (but mine are a lot younger!). Glad I came across your blog!



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