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My Places




Here’s a few places you can find me lurking on the web.

  •  Check out my author Facebook page and LIKE.  You may be surprised when you win a prize or two. You really could!
  • You can follow me on Twitter here –  @knowleselle
  • Crossing The Line can be purchased on Amazon in Kindle format or in paperback here
  • Coffee Drunk Or Blind can be found on Amazon in paperback or Kindle here
  • My author page on Amazon can be found here
  • You may also reach me on email if ever the need arises and for whatever reason at

That’s about all for now folks! Hope to see you around. 😉


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  1. happy to discover and follow your blog
    it’s very interessant
    thank you for visiting mine

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  2. Following you on twitter! Great to see how good everything appears.

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