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On The Road Again

“Why are you up so early?”
I had the alarm set for 5:30 am and before it went off H was up making noise, turning on lights, and opening and closing doors.
“I have things to do. We need to get out of here.”
That’s a bit different than the usual procedure when we travel. I’m usually the early bird. I hadn’t even packed yet! So while he was doing the things he needed to do – I didn’t see any difference in his usual routine – I packed and gathered items together that had to go with us. I have a no-fail system by keeping a list and marking through as I pack. Most times it works if I can keep him out of the mix.
Then…he starts to load the car. Have you ever noticed how men load a car for a trip? Well they can’t. That’s the bottom line. They just can not do it in a neatly organized precise way. The bag you need to get to while traveling usually goes in first and everything else is thrown in helter-skelter. I have to walk around with my purse and my book chained to me just to keep them from getting jammed in with the rest of the stuff. This will never do!
I saw an opening while H was in the back yard feeding the cats and birds/squirrels and I quickly reorganized, pulling the box of fruit we had to deliver on the way from the bottom of the pile and putting it on top. Bags and boxes and ice chest were now put in a better order. I don’t think he ever noticed!
Now we are on our way to Atlanta for a Thanksgiving Feast! Everyone else – even Andrew – arrived yesterday. We postponed our trip by one day because Jessie informed me over the weekend one of hers had a stomach virus. It all started with the baby, Sydney Paige. Between the two houses of family it has run its course through three children and two adults. Hopefully, it has run out the door! There will be nineteen people staying between the two houses and we do not need a stomach virus running rampant!
Like Amie said, “put all the sick people in one house and the well ones in the other!” Sounds like a plan to me. 😊
What are your Holiday plans?


Winning Is Just The Icing On The Cake

Winning Is Just The Icing On The Cake


I get a good feeling for promoting something I believe in – winning is just the icing on the cake! With H being employed as a high school music director this website caught my eye one day. I commented on a post and from there it snowballed!

I received my official notice early this morning! Care to take a peek?

Congratulations winners!

All of you on the BCC list for this email made the finals!  Your submission about education was chosen by the panel as so exceptional, that out of dozens of entries it will be one of the 24 included in the 2nd edition of Lifting The Curtain:  The disgrace we call urban high school education.  (We received nearly 90 “legitimate” entries, in addition to many scam, sales, etc. “submissions.”)  Frankly, I was stunned by the quality of your entries!

I hope you all will follow the blog at: to keep up with all that happens!  Just click FOLLOW in the upper right.  Following a blog is anonymous to everyone else – you just receive an email when a new post goes up.

Now some housekeeping:


·        Two extra prizes:  We had such trouble deciding the third place prize that we added two more $100 prizes so that two additional teachers could be honored

·        Winners:  The prize winners are listed HERE

·        All 24 entries:  The final 24 topics and winners are listed HERE

·        Gift cards:  The five Amazon gift cards (Three originally promised, plus the two we added) will be emailed to you next week to the email address we have been using during the contest.  PLEASE EMAIL ME QUICKLY IF YOU WANT IT SENT TO  DIFFERENT EMAIL ADDRESS!!

·        Dedicated books and buttons:  These will be mailed to you when the 2nd edition is published – estimated February 2015.

·        Shipping address:  You will need to email a shipping address for the book and button in order to receive the dedicated version.  If you prefer to NOT give a shipping address, please let me know and you can still be gifted a  Kindle version of the 2nd edition via your email address, but will not be mailed the button.

Thank you for participating!!!

Don R

To keep up to date with us, and to let your voice be heard as Teachers try to solve the REAL problems with education:

Please FOLLOW our blog at:

Please LIKE our Facebook page at:

Please visit our website at:


You can read my submission here.    

So what would you do with a $100 Amazon gift card? Hmmm?



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