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Two Read Tuesday Opportunities for Readers and Authors

Elle Knowles:

Seems like it was only yesterday but…It’s time for READ TUESDAY again! Tuesday, December 9, 2014. Follow READ TUESDAY on WordPress to keep up with all the information. You can also follow on Facebook and twitter as listed in the article below.

Originally posted on ReadTuesday:


In an effort to promote reading, we will create one post on Tuesdays (not necessarily every Tuesday) from now until the big event on Tuesday, December 9, featuring selected promotions that help to inspire interest in reading.

We will feature:

  • books with special, short-term promotional pricing
  • new releases available for pre-order

Each book featured must:

  • inspire interest in reading
  • be relevant to teens, tweens, or children
  • have content that is parent-approved

(Not what you’re looking for? Scroll down below for the second opportunity, which includes books for adults as well as younger audiences.)

Novels are okay, as long as they are suitable for teens or younger audiences.

This promotion is designed to help parents who are looking for material that may inspire their kids to read.

This promotion is also good for authors who write books that they hope will inspire kids to read.


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On Life…..

On Life…..

Distrust. Abuse – mentally and physically. Heartache. Debt. War. Drugs. Death.

Sometimes it is a chore to think past the moment you are in, cringing at the thought of having to face another day pretending life is great and all is good in the world. There is a feeling of doom surrounding you with dread as in ‘The Little Red Hen’ – “the sky is falling, the sky is falling.” You cut corners paying bills, robbing Peter to pay Paul. Your family wants for nothing – you make sure of that – someway – somehow. You are blindsided with tension and guilt on the home front.

Then – and only if you believe – the clouds fade away, the sun is shining brightly and the world is smiling, welcoming you with open arms. Lessons have been learned through trial and error, and a lot of ups and downs.You’ve learn to cut corners in you lifestyle instead of cutting corners in paying your bills. You’ve learned your lesson and realized possessions are only material things or ‘stuff’ and what is important are friends, relationships, family. You throw everything you have into being happy with what you have and to make the most of it. The game of life becomes easier to deal with. You are actually coping. No tension. No guilt.

So now we have – Sunshine. Smiles. Laughter. A sense of security.


Why is it that sometimes this is a hard lesson to learn? Why is it that we have to learn from our own mistakes instead of learning from others? Maybe it’s a process we all have to go through. Life is what we make it! Make it good!






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