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Followers and Comments – What’s The Protocol?

Followers and Comments – What’s The Protocol?

Many, many months ago I was perusing through WordPress hoping to pick up a few new blogs to read daily – as if I didn’t already have enough reading material on hand – when I happened upon an interesting read. Now forgive me, but I really cannot remember what the title of the blog was. That’s not important. I read, hit like, commented, then also followed. This is interesting stuff and could lead somewhere I was thinking. Well it lead me straight to this reply to my carefully worded comment:

“Thank you for following my blog. Unfortunately I cannot return the favor and follow yours because I already follow many blogs and don’t have time for anymore.”

Really? I wasn’t after a follow and I think this comment was a little rude. What do you think?

There is no rule that you have to follow whoever follows you, is there? No? I didn’t think so. I just wanted to make that clear. I don’t expect a follow back when I follow you. It’s because I really am interested in your content.

With the new ‘like’ button on the comment section of WordPress, I am not sure of the protocol. Is it in good taste to ‘like’ comments made to you on your blog or comments you have made on other blogs? Or should you just ‘like’ comments made by other readers? Sometimes I will ‘like’ a second or third comment made to me on the same post from the same person because the conversation always has to stop somewhere, and its nicer than just leaving someone hanging. Personally I feel a comment made to me deserves a reply and so does a comment I make on other blogs. Any thoughts on this?




Two Read Tuesday Opportunities for Readers and Authors

Elle Knowles:

Seems like it was only yesterday but…It’s time for READ TUESDAY again! Tuesday, December 9, 2014. Follow READ TUESDAY on WordPress to keep up with all the information. You can also follow on Facebook and twitter as listed in the article below.

Originally posted on ReadTuesday:


In an effort to promote reading, we will create one post on Tuesdays (not necessarily every Tuesday) from now until the big event on Tuesday, December 9, featuring selected promotions that help to inspire interest in reading.

We will feature:

  • books with special, short-term promotional pricing
  • new releases available for pre-order

Each book featured must:

  • inspire interest in reading
  • be relevant to teens, tweens, or children
  • have content that is parent-approved

(Not what you’re looking for? Scroll down below for the second opportunity, which includes books for adults as well as younger audiences.)

Novels are okay, as long as they are suitable for teens or younger audiences.

This promotion is designed to help parents who are looking for material that may inspire their kids to read.

This promotion is also good for authors who write books that they hope will inspire kids to read.


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