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A Chimp Who Delivers Mail – Who Would Have Ever Guessed?

A Chimp Who Delivers Mail – Who Would Have Ever Guessed?

That’s right.  Who am I? I haven’t done much. Not out in the wide open world anyway. My face isn’t plastered on the news or in tabloids - thank heavens! I’m not the topic of your discussion at the dinner table or the center of attention on some embarrassing clip on youtube – or am I? I’m an indie author. Yes, I wrote, edited, and published a book. Also, I’m marketing it myself, and yeah, I’m writing the sequel. But really, who am I? I’d give myself a 3 on a scale of 1 – 10. That’s a pretty low score. Its a score I came up with not including family, friends, or acquaintances.  Actually if you come right down to it with the world population, that score is probably higher than what I would really want to know! In real life I’m better than that. I hold myself up to pretty high standards, but no one knows me. I’m not a celebrity. They don’t know who Elle Knowles is. My family does. My friends do. You don’t. And that’s ok. I’m out to make that change!

I don’t profess to know everything there is to know about writing, publishing, editing, or marketing. There are plenty of you reading this who are more knowledgeable on the subject. I learn more and more everyday. I learn from reading and from listening. I read blogs (and follow them) and I read articles on writing, promoting, and publishing. I round it out with a few humorous posts.  Laughter is the best medicine when you are down and out and on those days when the words don’t flow or I feel as though I am hitting a brick wall with the marketing end, I don’t give up. I get my inspiration from you – my blogging buddies! Its your blog posts and your published books that keep me moving in the right direction. I keep reading and researching and the words show up sooner or later.

I’m reading a book on marketing and building my author platform  – Your First 1000 Copies: The Step-by-Step Guide to Marketing Your Book by Tim Grahl. Seems to me, Tim says I’m doing it all wrong. It’s time to get an email list going. I can do that…I think. Blogging, Facebook, Twitter, etc…still important, but that ever-important email list is considered the # 1 marketing tool. How many of you out there agree on this piece of advice?

So where is that email list? It’s out there somewhere and I’m researching the best of the best. My decision is MailChimp. Newsletters will be sent out twice a month. That’s a good round figure. I’m leaning toward the first and third Thursday of each month starting in May 2014. You shouldn’t feel bombarded with clutter in your inbox with this number, but it’s still enough so you won’t forget me either.  I’ve subscribed to so many newsletters and they are at this moment piling up fast. I may not live long enough to read them all!  I don’t want this to happen to you! Now all I have to do is figure out how to use MailChimp and get my sign-up form out to the public – that’s you!  Soon those email addresses will be rolling in! :)

What will these bi-monthly emails contain? Reading, writing, and all things associated. Now that covers a lot of ground. To sum it up there will be everything not included in my social media –  on my blog, Facebook, or Twitter. These are my main social media platforms. There will be links to great articles about blogging, writing, editing, publishing, and promoting. Tips and shortcuts, I’ve learned on my journey as a new author will show up now and then. I would love to have some give-aways! The newsletter will include the links to great sites for purchasing self-published e-books at the lowest cost or free. There may be a section of reviews on books I have read by other indie-authors or just great books in general.  I’m no great book reviewer. I just know I like to read.  I may even include a new indie publisher interview from time to time? Anyone interested in that? The ideas are endless. I may have to halt somewhere!

I know this sounds like a lot of work and I’m hoping it won’t be. After it’s all set up I will have to stay  organized and stick to the bi-monthly schedule. Then it should work fine. After all, I still have a paying job I work at and I’m still trying to finish the sequel ‘What Line”, then its off to editing, publishing and promoting again! There are other book ideas in my head and projects I want to do.

So…what do you think? Am I going in the right direction? Is there any content you would like to see added in this newsletter? I’m open to any suggestions.

Believe it or not it took me about three weeks to figure out how to add this sign-up form to the sidebar of my blog! Not a continuous stay-up-all-night-for-three-weeks, but from start to finish it was three weeks! I fiddled with it, thought about it, fiddled some more, left it alone for a few days,  and today it finally hit me how to get it done. Google comes in really handy sometimes! That’s going to be one of the first pieces of information I have in my newsletter – “How To Add A Picture To Your Blog With A Link Attached!” This will be in real people language. After all we aren’t all computer pro’s are we?

Be a charter member and subscribe to my newsletter by clicking here or on that cute little  MailChimp image up to your right on this page . I know you will think it was worth the effort. Elle’s Bi-Monthly Newsletter will be off the ground soon. You wouldn’t want to miss the first issue. Wish me luck!


Missing – Green Flash Drive, Twelve Pairs Of Shorts, Four Pairs of Scissors, And A House Phone

Missing – Green Flash Drive, Twelve Pairs Of Shorts, Four Pairs of Scissors, And A House Phone

I just about went off the deep end last night when I realized my flash drive was missing. The green one – the one that contains all my chapters for ‘What Line’ and every piece of information on ‘Crossing The Line’ including my book cover, paperback and kindle formats! Akkkk!

You would think in a 1040 square foot home it would be easy to find something. That’s not the case though. There would be enough room if H would get rid of some of this furniture. He says I would get rid of everything if it was up to me. That’s not true. I don’t want to actually get rid of it – just move it into storage where I don’t break my neck tripping over the @#%*! I told him that in so many words and you don’t want me to repeat what I said. He then went to bed and left me searching.

Back to the situation at hand. Where could that flash drive be? Maybe next to the house phone I misplaced? I’ve come to the conclusion that phone was taken out with the trash.

Could it be nestled amongst the four pairs of little sewing scissors I have misplaced? I say ‘little’ because they are between four and seven inches long and the ones I use to rip out stitches – which I have been doing a lot of lately – that’s another story! Really?  How does a person lose four pairs of scissors at one time? Been missing since Christmas.

Maybe it’s in the pocket of a pair of those shorts I can’t find. Yep, all my shorts have gone missing, and I mean ALL of them! The weather has finally turned warm and I have nothing to wear. I’ve looked in every drawer, in every plastic storage box, under every bed, in the closets, and even in the storage room. They are nowhere to be found. Maybe… and that’s a small maybe, they were accidentally taken to storage with all the boxes of Christmas decorations. I seriously doubt it. Stranger things have happened though. Hmmm? Could those scissors be there? Naaawww!

However, that flash drive can’t be with those shorts because I’ve used it since I packed  them away last fall. I used it last week when I wrote about six chapters of ‘What Line’. These are the chapters that have not been backed up anywhere else. :(  Now I know how John Boy felt when his journal was burned up in the fire!


I think there may be a hidden room, or a dark hole in this house somewhere where all my stuff is disappearing to. What else could it be? Maybe aliens from outer space? What do you think they need with a phone, scissors, about twelve pairs of shorts, and a flash drive? I don’t even want to think about it.

Yes, I had a fit last night, then I searched, and I vacuumed up dust, – where does all this dust come from –  searched some more, rearranged my desk again, and searched some more. I have probably spent about six hours this week searching for lost items and the hours were racking up.

FOUND IT! On the coffee table under some mail H had pushed aside! At least I think it was him. He was sleeping and was a good candidate to lay the blame on. Right?

No phone, no shorts, no little scissors though. Going to buy some new shorts this weekend – I’ve earned them – and a couple more flash drives to back up my hard work!




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