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Unattached and Loving It!

Unattached and Loving It!

I’ll be very honest. I have nothing to hide. I’m not hiding and have not been kidnapped. I haven’t been on WordPress lately – not since my last post on July 3rd. That’s not a typo. July 3rd! OMG! Thirteen whole days! I haven’t even kept up with the blogs I follow if anyone even noticed. Facebook has even been sadly neglected. Sorry folks. :(  Social media actually took a back seat this time!

We went out of town for the Fourth of July holiday and I left all my charging cords and laptop at home – not on purpose, but even so…Read about that nightmare here. Of course I had a secret stashed phone charging cord and after hijacking a USB plugin from my sister I was back in business. There is just so much you can do on a phone though and reading all that small print makes me dizzy.

I got used to it. Used to the freedom of not being attached, not having to check in, not checking stats, and not having to write. No pressure, no worries, and no crossed eyes!

Well, I’ve used that as an excuse long enough. I’m back home, my charging cords all here dangling from their electrical sockets, and my laptop is booted up. But…H starts his percussion camp in four days and then band camp after that. Summer will be gone for us. Gone will be the days of  staying up late to watch ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ on Netflix. (We are on season six, episode eleven. Will this ever end?) and sleeping a little late in the mornings. I think I need these last days of summer vacation with no obstacles in my way. My head will be clear and there will be no interruptions. I will be able to catch up on back blog posts, write some posts of my own, and finish the last few chapters of ‘What Line’.

No one may notice, though I hope they will. What’s four more days? What would you do?



Oh Crap! Life Unplugged!

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Phone battery now at 51%. That won’t last too long on these back roads of Alabama on our way to Arkansas, especially as I write this on my WordPress phone app!
Earlier this morning I packed my laptop, both of our phone chargers, the charger for my kindle, my old phone to retrieve a password from for Andrew, and some magazines to read on the way in my laptop bag.
I make a mental and written note of these items every time we travel. This time I relied on my memory such as it is.
I checked all the bank balances, transferred money to Andrews account, and left him some cash in his room. (He picked this weekend to come home for a visit and we won’t even be home!) Hummm? Guess he needs some beach time. Have fun, Andrew and Jordon!
I texted Jessie a Happy Birthday. She said she is 29 this year but I have my doubts. The numbers don’t add up! HAPPY BIRTHDAY Jessie!
Now we are on the road – an hour out on a ten hour drive. The sun is shinning brightly and I reach back to get something to read to pass the time as H drives.
Yes, you guessed it. 😞 I can just see that bag sitting on the sofa- it’s belly full of electronics and cords and all alone in that small quiet house. “Wait! You forgot me!”



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