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#Promote #Authors & #Books for #Readers on YOUR #Blog…

#Promote #Authors & #Books for #Readers on YOUR #Blog…

Elle Knowles:

Lots of good tips here. I scratch your back – you scratch mine always seems to work! ;)

Originally posted on Chris The Story Reading Ape's Blog..... An Author Promotions Enterprise!:

The Questions:

(From authors)

WHY should I promote other authors and their books on MY blog when I can’t even get LOTS of people to buy and review MY book(s)?

(From Readers & Bloggers)

WHY would authors (read demi-gods) who are way above me in the hierarchy of intelligence levels possibly want to send their articles to ME – a lowly Reader and Blogger?

(From existing Author / Books Bloggers)

I ALREADY have a good system going so WHY should I even CONSIDER changing it?

The Answers

(To Authors)

By featuring other authors and their books on YOUR blog, YOU and YOUR BOOK(S) will be seen by visitors as well – plus – it WILL bring NEW visitors and followers to YOUR BLOG and may even result in them getting YOUR BOOK(S)!

(To Readers & Bloggers)

Authors may have a talent with words that YOU may, or may not, have…

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Is It Spring Cleaning Time Again? Didn’t I Just Do This?

Is It Spring Cleaning Time Again? Didn’t I Just Do This?

One step at a time is all I can do. This week is Facebook and next week is my Twitter account. My Blog is on the list to be spruced up also. It seems as though a bit of spring cleaning is going on this fall!

I’m trying to improve my social media networking and it’s proving to take a fair amount of my time and energy. Time I need to be spending on writing and energy just to keep going everyday. Its got to be done. The promoting, the marketing, and staying in touch with my readers are always on my mind. The tweeting, Facebook, and Blog are all a part of the game we play. I’m sure there is something I left out!

I get a little anxious when my desk and mind are too cluttered with projects and work. To take the pressure off I merged my two Facebook pages (successfully!) and I can already tell the difference in time spent online and have actually gotten some new LIKE’s this week. I’ve been doing a lot of reading about how to promote with social media and some of these tips I have already put into play.

What do we really know about each other except that we write a blog, wrote a book, or read blogs faithfully? I’ve decided to have a Fun Fact Friday on Facebook to let you in on a few of my secrets. Here’s my first Fun Fact Friday. Do you have any secrets to share? I share a fun fact about myself and you can share one of yours with me. Go on over and like the page and share your fact so you won’t miss out on anything! ;)

Thanks for your support!




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