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Band – Where The Good Guys Are

Band – Where The Good Guys Are

I must have had four or five emails or calls this week from band parents about the BBQ dinner fundraiser. Not meaning to hurt any feelings, here is an abbreviated breakdown of the conversations.  (Names have been changed to protect the innocent.) ;)

Parent – “I don’t think Mary received any BBQ tickets.”  “Can you make sure David gets some BBQ tickets?” And this one is my absolute favorite! “BBQ fundraiser? When did that start?”
Me- This is my standard generic answer. “Emails were sent out for weeks. Tickets should have been picked up at the beginning of percussion/auxiliary camp two weeks ago and if not, then they should have been picked up Monday when full band camp started. How many do you think you can sell?”  No. I really wasn’t that blunt. I have learned how to bite my tongue.

Come on people. Pay attention to those highly detailed emails I labor over a few times every week. It’s not like you haven’t been notified. I don’t do this for my health you know. There is a wealth of info in those emails just for your benefit if only you would open them up and retain the contents. I can send them out, but I can’t read them for you. And…communicate with your children. They know more about what is going on then they lead you to believe. I know. I’ve been there. LOL!

Ok. Now that I’m through venting, there’s been a lot of good things going on with WHS band this summer.


Color guard has been whittled down excessively and the remaining five are the best of the best. We have lost some winds and gained some winds. Percussion is now holding its own.

There are new freshmen mingling with their new peers, new uniforms, and no more buttons to lose! Yay! These new uniforms were a long time coming.

On uniform fitting day, One bold freshman, not knowing any better, dared to complain openly about the hot uniforms. “I don’t want to hear that!” I snarled back. You could be wearing the old uniforms with some wool content! Now those were hot – and they smelled.” I continued lecturing. “Ask any veteran band member.” (Why would anyone in their right mind add even an ounce of wool to a band uniform to be worn in the state of Florida?)

The unsuspecting freshman cowered, backing up slightly while I silently continued fitting, knowing I should not be so testy.  It was a tad hot and getting rancid in the uniform room at the moment with all those sweaty bodies from outside morning rehearsal and my patience was wearing thin. It didn’t help any that the school district had requested the  air be turned up to unbearable degrees to save a little money in the summer vacation months and it had not been turned back down for band camp.  Now if we were the football team…don’t get me started!  “Sorry about that,” I smiled at the young student, intent to stay in his good graces.


As I fit the hard-worked-for pristine uniforms on excited, squirming band students I am in awe, as always, at the growth spurt and new maturity of our last year freshmen. They have shot up a few inches, and gained a shoe size or two. Their rough edges have softened a bit and now as sophomores they are releasing a little authority over the meek and mild incoming freshmen. They strut proudly knowing they have lost their place as the low man on the totem pole.

The juniors who last year weren’t so sure have also stepped up proudly as upperclassmen, teaching some drill, encouraging the scared and timid, and answering the never ending questions from new students, steering them in the right direction.

Now, as last years juniors, our seniors are the new leaders knowing or supposed to be knowing it all. They are stepping up to the plate and leading the lower class-men into grand success. Let’s hope they don’t get senioritis too soon! :)

All in all H has a pretty good group of kids in the band this year as always. You should be proud parents.



Look Who Has A Box!

Look Who Has A Box!

On every trip to the WHS band room with H this summer I acquired a little bit more information. It started with the catalogs for ordering color guard uniforms, flags, and shoes. To this growing pile I added a folder with measurements for each girl, and contact information. There was the new student roster, revised not once or twice, but probably three or four times, scraps of paper with new email addresses and phone numbers that I had randomly collected, and a couple of yellow legal tablets with various notes on fundraisers and volunteer names. I had a folder for student accounts, and one with the information on the new band uniforms. I had copies of new uniform bag numbers and t-shirt sizes for each band student.  Nestled in a Ziploc bag were highlighters, pens, pencils, and paperclips. My jump drive holding WHS band info that I didn’t want to clutter up my laptop with was constantly being left behind when I needed it. The information kept coming and the folders were filing up fast.

One afternoon as we were leaving the band office and I was trying to juggle all this paperwork in one hand with my purse slung over my shoulder and my jacket under my arm – sometimes its ninety below in that school – papers and folders begin to shift south. Something had to be done and quickly. There was my answer on the counter in the office. It was just a shoe box. A color guard shoe box. Heavy duty and empty of its shoe content. Perfect fit I thought. And it was!

Now I carry that shoebox back and forth when I have to make a trip to the band room and its holding its own. Veronica stated one day as she helped me with the new uniforms, holding back a laugh, “Look, you have a box!”

my box

Of course, I promise after next week that box is going to be gone, outa here, in the trash! My folders  will be neatly filed next to my desk and those catalogs will be trashed. Pens, pencils, paper clips and highlighters will be in there rightful places and my jump drive will be lined up in the row with its buddies next to the printer.

H’s box might have been bigger, but mine was neater if you could call either of them neat. I have come to the conclusion that ‘The Box’ does serve a purpose! If you missed the first episode click on that link above. It may explain this crazy post somewhat. ;)

Have you picked out your box yet?



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