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WordPress Mobile App Issues

WordPress Mobile App Issues

How many of you use the WordPress mobile app? I must admit – I use my WordPress mobile app consistently, to check my stats, answer comments, and write my weekly blog posts. I love it. It’s great!


Why can’t I read a whole post from my WordPress mobile ap reader? I’m thinking this is when I come across a reblog on a site I follow. I get drawn in and then there’s that light blue phrase – VIEW ORIGINAL POST 188 more words (more or less). 

The blue color of the text gives you the impression of a link to be clicked to take you to the writer’s site. That doesn’t happen and tapping on the title or bloggers name brings no results either. It’s very frustrating to read partial blogs. I have to make up my own endings! 

No amount of googling has found me the answer to this dilemma. 

There’s also a like and comment button at the bottom right of the partial content that probably belongs to the blogger who you are following. I never know if I hit that like button if the blogger actually gets notification I liked his content or if I’m just another number in the count. 

I’m also having an issue with liking blogs I follow from my email or on Facebook. I usually am taken to a page to sign into WordPress and then I can like and comment on the post. Today, I haven’t even had that option. 

By posting this rant, I’m going to either get a technical answer, I can’t understand, to this problem, or comments from others in the same predicament. But at least I got it off my chest! 



Another Group Text Experience 

Another Group Text Experience 

There’s nothing like being woken up with the news of the day on a group text. You should try it. As I’ve mentioned before, my daughters and I have a group text with a continuing saga of our daily lives. We don’t include Andrew in this because he probably wouldn’t be interested in this girl talk. 

Two of my daughters – Kerri and Jessie, live in Atlanta and the other two – Amie and Terri, live in Louisiana. Having young children, the Atlanta bunch are up early for school at the crack of dawn and are actually an hour ahead of me in another time zone. The Louisianians are up with their children for school and then off to work. 

On the other hand, since H has retired, our internal clocks have been laid to rest and we’ve learned to sleep a little later in the mornings. We also go to bed a lot later at night to compensate. 

I keep my phone on and charging by the bed at night because if there was an emergency most of my family – including all of my children – don’t even know our landline number. But Joe, the medical advisor knows it well! We only keep that landline because…well, that’s another story. 

If I turn the ringer off it defeats the purpose so I usually keep it in vibrate mode. I forgot to turn the ringer down last night and was awoken early to the special group text notification and the chatter between sisters. 

Background notes – my grandson, Will is on the football team and his school was selected as spirit school of the week. KPLC was on the scene early this morning. 

Back ground note – Pierson is my new grandson and # twelve grandchild, born in September, and Sydney is his older sister – almost four. Here’s a pic of Pierson because I don’t think I’ve announced him yet! Isn’t he a sweetie? 

I guess Amie is actually working at her job this morning and ignoring all the conversation! 

So my day has begun! How is your day going or is it too early to ask? 


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