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I Read The Book – Then Saw The Movie

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I Read The Book – Then Saw The Movie

Anne of Green Gables was one of the many books my mother read to us when we were homesteading in Alaska, snowed in with no outlet for our energy. It amazes me that she could calm us so by just reading the written word. I have revisited that time by rereading many of those stories. 

I close my eyes and try to remember her voice reading the so many stories she found in books, but I can’t. She probably read like she wrote, embellishing the contents to hold our attention, fearing we would run amuck if she slowed the pace. 

I’m also surprised she was able to rein in my younger brother to sit still and absorb the stories. Three antsy girls – yes – but you would think Chip would have rather been off slaying dragons or using our dolls as helicopters. The stories gave him plenty of food for thought and instilled the love of reading in all of us. Tish, the baby, slept soundly through our reading adventures. 

To my delight, while scrolling through Netflix titles, I discovered Anne With An E, a Netflix series based on the book Anne of Green Gables.

H agreed so we began to watch. It had been a long time since I had reread the book – probably thirty years – but I remembered the main characters and subjects. I did not remember that Matilda and Mathew Cuthbert were brother and sister adopting Anne instead of the boy they had asked for. I always assumed they were man/wife. Maybe I overlooked that bit of information when I was small. 

We watched the series faithfully – at least I did while H dozed off and on. There were only seven episodes. It seems after researching we will have to wait until March/April 2018 for the second season to air. 

I found mixed reviews of Anne With An E. This happens often when a book is made into a movie because there is so much more detail to be found in the book. As for myself I enjoyed it and will be awaiting the second season. Amybeth McNulty did an amazing job of portraying the part of Anne. She was such a plucky little girl in the book and on screen. 

The series brought back happy memories of my mother reading to her wide-eyed children while we took in every detail of a story that stuck with us for years. I may have to reread this story again! 

What books have you read that you have also enjoyed on the screen? 


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The 1 Thing I’m Not Good At Doing

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The 1 Thing I’m Not Good At Doing

I’m sure there is more than one thing in this world I’m not good at doing. At the moment this is the one that matters. 

I’ve always excelled at reading, learning to do so by the age of five. A few years ago I decided to write and the joy I discovered was out of this world. Now that I’ve got two published books under my belt and another one in the works, nothing’s going to hold me back. 

Sewing comes easily to me and I can’t remember when I didn’t sew. It’s also been a nice source of income in lean times. 

DIYing is at the top of my list these days with adding a faux transom window to the Philadelphia room and chalk painting every piece of old dark furniture I can sneak behind H’s back. (He’s kinda stuck on that dark wood look.) 

Nursing is not my high level of achievement. Don’t ask me to bandage your finger after slicing it open with a knife or ripping the skin off. Changing bandages is not for me. 

Once, Jessie, my youngest daughter, or it could have been Amie, but I really think it was Jessie – they will let me know if I’m wrong – almost tore the tip of her finger off when she caught it in a wire cage. She was playing with her rabbit who was on the inside of the cage and jerked her finger away suddenly, ripping the tip of it. It was a good thing there was another adult there because I was useless. I believe her older sisters changed the bandaid daily.

I’m not good with tending to the needs of the young or old when they are flat on their back in need of healthcare. I never know what to say or do. 

When my daughter, Terri, was sixteen we found out she was diabetic. There was an overnight stay in the hospital and she had to immediately learn how to give herself insulin shots. My mother stayed the night in the hospital with her while I went home to attend to three other well children. 

Now of course Mother was in her glory because nursing was her life. Give her a medical delema and she was on top of it. My children all lived through their cuts and scrapes, and didn’t lose any limbs because their grandmother was a wonderful compassionate nurse. 

H recently had a surgical procedure that included an overnight stay in the hospital. He wasn’t happy about this because the last time he was in the hospital was when he was twelve years old having his tonsils removed. He hardly remembers. I think I remember more of my tonsillectomy than he does of his and I was only two! 

When he hinted that I would be staying overnight in the hospital with him I didn’t think he was really serious – but he was – and I did. I told him if I was ever in the hospital I wanted him to go home. I want to be left alone, and if I don’t have any visitors that will also be fine with me. I don’t think he believes me. Let’s hope I don’t have a hospital stay soon. 

Now I am expected to change his bandage. It’s only a small incision. Breathe…breathe…breathe…


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